Mobile Advertising on Android & iOS Phones & Tablets

mobileadvertisingMobile advertising: How many times over the years have we heard that mobile advertising is the next big thing, only to watch it fall flat because even the best cell phones had screens the size of a Triscuit? Pretty hard to deliver an effective advertising message on those things, eh?


Well, at long last, that’s over. The one-two punch of iPhones and Android devices, with their delightful full-screens and full-browsers and thousands of ridiculously useful free applications, have changed everything in the scope of two years.


Please don’t underestimate the gravity of the shift in usage that iPhones and Droids are driving. A majority of all American cell phone users use “smartphones” — mostly Android phones and iPhones. A majority of all U.S. Internet traffic is now generated by phones and tablets — not desktops and laptops.


Whoa. Got your attention there, didn’t we? So sooner or later, it’s likely that you’ll want to take advantage of this massive shift and start fishing where the fish are — and that’s on smartphones.


We can help with that. Google Adwords has allowed mobile-targeted advertising for years already, and their choices have become ever more sophisticated with the evolution of smartphones. Want to advertise only to iPhone users? Droid users? Only Verizon subscribers or AT&T, maybe? Users with none of the above, only old-school feature phones, and only on certain carriers? We can do that.


And we can also do click-to-call advertising — ads that initiate a phone call, rather than a website visit, when clicked by users. Businesses from locksmiths to pizza joints to personal injury lawyers can see the benefits for their businesses. Can you?


If so — or if you’d just like to begin shooting the breeze about how you may be able to use mobile advertising to grow your business — then fill out the form below. We’re eager to hear from you.


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