Google Ad Grants: Get $10,000/Month in Free Advertising, For Life

It’s a shame that Google Ad Grants — Google’s program that gives free Adwords advertising to nonprofits across the globe — get so little attention. A Google Ad Grant isn’t difficult to get, and the $10,000 per month in free Adwords clicks each grant bestows can rocket a nonprofit agency to new levels of visibility and fundraising in short order. We don’t know of a faster way to take your nonprofit from zero to hero faster than a Google Ad Grant.

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If you’re lucky enough to get one, your account needs an expert Adwords manager in order to get the full benefit of the $10,000 monthly award. There are severe rules and restrictions on Google Grants accounts, and if you don’t follow them, you lose your grant. It’s not a job for an intern or a volunteer or a temp or a rookie, that’s for sure.


Google Ad Grants Playbook

We wrote the book on Google Ad Grants. Literally! Learn everything you need to know for just $10.

We can help. We have long experience managing the Adwords campaigns of Google Ad Grants recipients, and we’ll ensure you get the full $10,000 worth of advertising for your nonprofit every month. We’ve also written the world’s only guidebook to maximizing and optimizing a Google Ad Grants account. It’s called The Google Ad Grants Playbook, and it’s available on Amazon for $10.


Our fee is only $400 per month — you won’t find a better rate anywhere. Our fee pays for itself many times over in the increased fundraising, sales and awareness your organization receives as a result of our diligent, effective spending of Google’s $10k every month.


If you’re a current Google Grants recipient and need help with to maximize its benefit, fill out our form & let’s chat. Don’t have a Google Ad Grant yet? We’ll apply & secure one for you at no extra charge, so don’t be shy. Fill out the form and let’s take your nonprofit to the next level!


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