Banner & Contextual Advertising Networks

Contextual advertising: It’s when your Internet ads are placed on hundreds (or thousands, or tens of thousands) of websites whose context (get it?) makes them good targets for your ads. For instance, if you sell mountain bikes, then it would be an excellent thing for your ads to appear on sites about mountain bikes, mountain biking, communities of mountain bikers, etc. You get the picture.


Now, you could go and research a list of the top 100 mountain-biking sites you like best, call each one, ask for their ad rates, and place ads manually on each site. It’d take you a year and you wouldn’t get to do any other work or even interact with your family very much because you’d be at it 24/7.


Actually, most of those sites you called up would tell you that they don’t even sell their own advertising — that instead, they’re part of a contextual advertising network. That means that advertising for their site is bought and sold through a third party that bundles their sites and hundreds of other sites together. You probably know some online advertising networks: Google Adsense, AdBrite, AdSonar/Quigo, Right Media, OpenX and many more.


If you don’t, that’s fine — that’s what we’re here for. If you want to both expand the reach of your advertising to thousands of new site while retaining a very targeted customer, then ad networks may be a good fit. If you’d like to discuss it more, we’re ready when you are — just fill out the form below.


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