Google Adwords Consulting & Training

adwordstrainingGoogle Adwords Consulting: Sure, we’d love to manage your  PPC advertising for you, but if you like the idea of keeping at least a portion of your Google Adwords and other PPC advertising accounts in house, we understand. There’s a legitimate argument to be made for this view, and it goes like this: Adwords/PPC advertising is so critical to a company’s overall marketing effort that it needs to be at least partially integrated into the company culture, not 100% handed off to an outside company.


If that’s your position, we believe you’re entitled to the world-class expertise and training you’ll need in order to run your accounts for maximum profitability. That’s where we can help.


Consulting & Training


If there’s one thing above all else regarding adult Google Adwords advertising that bears repeating, it’s this: Adwords done correctly is neither simple nor easy. It’s a rich and complex mechanism for vacuuming cash into your business from all corners of the world, and it’s not for newbies or interns. If you’re giving this job to an in-house employee, that person needs training from experts if he/she is to deliver the high-flying results you’re hoping for.


Our team has promoted thousands of sites exclusively via Google Adwords since 2002 and collected over $3 million in commissions from those sites.


Here’s some of what we’ll teach you to do:

  • Split-test every ad in the account at regular intervals
  • Track conversions down to the individual keyword level
  • Saturate every campaign with negative keywords to purify traffic
  • Employ all eight (not three) Adwords match types to maximize your ad spend
  • Generate and analyze search-query reports regularly to find out what customers are reallysearching for when they find your ads
  • Monitor click fraud
  • Optimize campaign settings to control your ad deliver and properly segment your international traffic
  • Employ geotargeting technology
  • Run software that monitors and reports on competitors


The result? Less wasted spending, more sales, cheaper clicks, higher conversions.


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