Google Adwords Auditing

auditGoogle Adwords Auditing


There are only a relative handful of legitimate and qualified Google Adwords agencies, and perhaps you’re somewhat in the dark about how well your accounts are currently being managed. Even if you’re happy with your current Adwords managers, you can still benefit greatly from one of our third-party audits.


What’s a third-party audit?
In short, we make sure that whomever you’re paying to manage your Adwords advertising is doing the job you’re paying them to do. In a third-party Adwords audit, we thoroughly review your Google accounts and check to make sure that the practices we’ve detailed above are in place. We document both good and bad practice, but obviously the most important job is to document areas where improvement is needed.


Following the review, we deliver an extensive and detailed report of our findings (ever bought a house and received a home-inspection report? It’s a lot like that). Also very detailed are our recommended next steps to fix immediate problems as well as a long-term account strategy plan, leaving you with a complete blueprint of how to go forward, with or without our company.


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