On-Site Services

Google Adwords Training: Sure, there are resources of varying quality all over the Internet about how best to manage Google Adwords. There are online courses, YouTube videos, and even some honest-to-goodness ink-on-paper books down at Borders you can pick up to help you.


Unfortunately, you can’t ask them any questions, and if you do, they won’t talk back. That’s why we provide a variety of on-site Google Adwords services. Yes, we’ll actually come to your place of business and show you what’s what. (You’ll have to pay our travel expenses, of course, but hey, we’re cheap. A Motel 6 with a nearby McDonald’s will do just fine).


Currently we offer:


Google Advertising & Consulting

Google Adwords Auditing (watching the watchmen, as they say)

Speaking Engagements (some of which are related to Google, and some that aren’t)


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