About StraightForward Interactive

I’m Josh Barsch. I’m the founder of StraightForward Interactive, the oldest pure SEM agency in the United States. We specialize in pay-per-click search engine advertising, Facebook advertising and remarketing. We also provide Google Adwords management, consulting and training to companies across the globe.


You may have clicked this link expecting to find witty, eccentcric bios accompanied by whimsical pictures of our team in zany poses. We forgive you for expecting that, since that seems to the order of the day with agencies. In return, we hope you’ll forgive us for eschewing that cosmetic bullshit and getting down to brass tacks.


We’re here to get you more customers, more revenue and more margin, and we’re experts at doing so employing the above channels. We’re StraightForward…with a capital S. Don’t get us wrong…we’re nice people. If I were you, I’d hang out with us. But we’re not here to hang out; we’re here to work. If you want to know more about us, you can Facebook-stalk us later on.


We’ve engineered successful Google advertising campaigns for companies ranging from small-business bootstrappers to well-known corporations like Wal-Mart, University of Phoenix and eBay.


StraightForward Media manages Google and Bing/Yahoo search engine advertising for our customers in 16 languages in 190 countries. We are a Certified Google Partner agency with dedicated account representatives at Google. We’ve stewarded over $20 million of our customers’ money and $2 million of our own via affiliate arbitrage. We always have skin in the game, and we always walk the walk.


Click around if you’d like; each page has a form on it that’ll allow you to contact us about whatever service you’re interested in. If you’re ready to chat now, then be our guest with the form below.


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