We’re No. 1! (OK, OK…We’re the Only One)

We admit it — when we blew through Google’s new, improved and much more difficult Adwords Certification Exams with average scores of 95%, we were tempted to compare scores with our local colleagues. After all, what’s a little friendly competition?


Just one problem, though. Seems we don’t have any.


It’s true — your pals here at StraightForward Interactive are the only Google-Certified Adwords Partner in western South Dakota, and the only one between Denver and Sioux Falls. Don’t take our word for it, though — click the Google logo over to your right and check for yourself.


If you’re interested in Google advertising and you’d like to have it managed by a company whose expertise has earned Google’s own stamp of approval, then drop us a line today. We give all new customers $100 in free Google Advertising credit.


Or, you could just bring us some chili at the office. That’s what people do in the fall, right? Make chili and bring it to your friends?


Please bring us some chili. We’re hungry up here.


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