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Welcome to StraightForward Media's Law School Scholarship program! We offer four scholarships a year exclusively to law students.

Law school is as -- and probably always will be -- a popular destination for many of today's top students. The legal profession offers potential for students with a variety of different goals: from big salaries, power and influence, to the ability to help out those in society without a voice. Ever the litigious society, the U.S. always seems to have plentiful work for any hardworking laywer who wants to grab the bull by the horns.

Whatever your reason for going to law school, you'll need a ton of money to get through these three most expensive years of your life. That's why we created the $500Law School Scholarships, offered four times per year. You can apply online now -- check the deadline schedule below for the current application dates.

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Jan. 1 - March 31 March 31
April 1 - June 30 June 30
July 1 - Sept. 30 September 30
Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 December 31

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