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Good question. We're not only referring to "business school" such as a Bachelor's in Business Administration or an M.B.A, although those programs are certainly eligible for this scholarship (and will likely be the bulk of our applicants). Students with other majors and specialties may also apply, such as, but not limited to: economics, finance, marketing, management, etc. Students who are currently or will be pursuing an online business degree are also eligible.

We know we're not aware of every single type of business-related program out there, so we can't provide a comprehensive list of what does and doesn't constitute "business school."

In the end, if you think there's some reason to doubt that we'd consider your program to be a business education, just explain in your essay why you think it is. We're reasonable and unprejudiced with respect to different types of business education-- just make your case, and your application will likely be considered along with everyone else's.

If after reading this page you come to the conclusion that you're not eligible for the Business Scholarships, then you're still in luck: there are
plenty of other scholarships you're eligible for.

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