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Business School Scholarships, every 3 months since 2003.

Welcome to StraightForward Media's Business School Scholarship program! We offer four scholarships a year exclusively to business students.

Business programs are a popular destination for many of today's college students, as well as working professionals looking to expand their career opportunities. Technology is forever a driving force in business change, and the rapid expansion of technology is creating more change -- and corresponding opportunity -- than every before. And with those opportunitiies have come hundreds of new programs, and even new schools altogether.

Whatever your reason for going to business school, you'll need money to get there. That's why we created the $500 Business School Scholarship, offered four times per year. Before you apply, we recommend you check our scholarship help site, It'll help you avoid mistakes that'll get your application tossed in the trash! Once you've read those tips, apply online.

The current application deadline is September 30, 2009.

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